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I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Armie attending the 2018 BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party in Los Angeles yesterday.


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Armie attended the 18th Annual AFI Awards Luncheon yesterday in Los Angeles, I’ve updated the gallery with over 40 photos of the event.


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Following up on the earlier post, Armie flew to New York to attend the 2017 New York Film Critics Awards with Tim & Luca. Armie looks gorgeous in an Etro suit. I’ve updated the gallery with over 100 photos from the event.


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Happy new year everyone! The year just started and Armie is already out and about attending events and looking dashing in a golden Dolce & Gabbana suit in Los Angeles to attend the 29th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Awards Gala. I’ve updated the gallery with over 300 photos from the event.


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With 2017 finally coming to an end I decided it would be fun to put together a summary of the highlights of Armie’s professional activities in 2017, and what a year it’s been!!

The year kicked off with Armie in Park City to attend Sundance Film Festival where he got to promote Call Me By Your Name with Timothée & Luca.

In February, Armie went to Germany to attend the 67th Berlinale International Film Festival where he got to promote 2 different movies, Call Me By Your Name & Final Portrait.

March through April, Armie went on a mini press tour starting in Texas, all the way to Moscow and then back to Los Angeles to promote his first world wide release of 2017 Free Fire.

In May, Armie got to have a little fun around LA & New York where he didn’t have to promote anything but got to attend the prestigious Met Museum Gala with Elizabeth in an amazing Ralph Lauren tux.

June brought in the promotional junket of Cars 3 in Los Angeles before Armie flew to Milan Fashion Week where he attended the Emporio ArmaniDolce & GabbanaVersace events.

In September, Armie went to Canada to attend the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival where Call Me By Your Name got another round of screenings

October was a pretty busy month, Armie started the month in New York for Call Me By Your Name’s screening in the 55th New York Film Festival, made sure to stop by the Hamptons International Film Festival for another Call Me By Your Name screening before heading to London for the 61st BFI London Film Festival.

November brought the limited release of Call Me By Your Name in some US cities before the nation wide in January 2018. Armie also started the early campaign for the award seasons by attending the contenders Q&A for Deadline plus the Variety screening & the SAG-AFTRA Q&A in Los Angeles and TimesTalk in New York.


Filmography wise, there are a few upcoming project to look forward to. 3 movie projects were announced for Armie this year: Freakshift with Alicia Vikander, Sorry To Bother You with Tessa Thompson, On The Basis of Sex with Felicity Jones and last but not least, ‘Straight White Men’ on broadway.

With movie promotions comes written coverage in multiple magazines. A lot of the press focused on Call Me By Your Name but the one that focused on Armie himself were some of my favorites.

Written features that include new photoshoots were also a huge part of 2017, We’ve been lucky with the amounts of portraits sessions that featured Armie in 2017 which made choosing just 4 hard but those were my personal favorite.


And I think that’s about it? It’s been a pretty busy year, had it ups and downs but as long as we focus on the positive and keep going, we’re going to be ok. I’d like to thank everyone for visiting, for the comments and for the amazing feedback about the site.

I’d also like to wish Armie (and you guys) a happy new year, may 2018 brings you and your families joy and happiness.

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Armie & Elizabeth attended the 2017 GQ Men of the Year Party in Los Angeles earlier today. I’ve updated the gallery with over 30 initial photos, stay tuned and follow our twitter (@armiehammercom) for more updates.


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This, as everyone keeps telling him, is Mr Armie Hammer’s moment, and the 31-year-old actor is carpe diem-ing the heck out of life right now. As awards season kicks off, he finds himself the star of the year’s most universally acclaimed film, in a career-defining role that is sure to propel him from generic leading man to Hollywood’s hottest property. After a 10-year career of notable supporting roles in some very good films (The Social NetworkMr Tom Ford’s Nocturnal AnimalsJ Edgar) and starring roles in some downright turkeys (The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Lone Ranger), his performance in Mr Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name is the one that has catapulted him into the big league.

Mr Hammer plays Oliver, a young American academic who joins a classics professor and his bohemian family in their Italian summer house in 1983, to assist the professor with his research. The professor’s teenage son, Elio, played by the prodigiously talented Mr Timothée Chalamet, becomes infatuated with Oliver and, as it turns out, the feeling is mutual. What transpires is a beautiful story of fleeting summer love, played out against a backdrop of intoxicating landscapes, lavish breakfasts, bike rides, lake swims and stolen kisses.

Mr Hammer and Mr Chalamet spent the month before filming acclimatising to the culture of rural Italy, living in the location and building up the kind of natural intimacy that makes Call Me By Your Name so compelling. “Some of those Italian countryside towns are lost in time,” says Mr Hammer. “It’s like La Dolce Vita. When you want peach juice, you just go out and make it. You take your pitcher, you go and sit somewhere beautiful and you just enjoy your juice.” If you’ve seen the film, you’ll appreciate why all this talk of peaches is making me blush as we share a pizza in a fittingly Italian restaurant on Los Angeles’ Abbot Kinney.

“There is something really beautiful about a life that is stripped down, simply having the bare necessities, [such as] time,” says Mr Hammer. “Nobody is rushing anything. You are just free to enjoy everything in the moment. I came back to the States thinking that is exactly how I wanted to live my life, but then the rat race starts all over again. The world now is so quick paced. Someone sends you an email and expects you to get back right away. There is a lot of pressure. Back then, you could call someone’s house phone, and if they didn’t pick up, you’d be like, right, well, I’ll call them in a couple of hours.” [Source]

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Armie & Timothy stopped by Jimmy Kimmel with guest host Neil Patrick Harris yesterday. Check out the videos and photos from the episode.


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A couple of days ago, Armie & Timothy alongside Luca attended a special Call Me By Your Name Deadline Screening in Los Angeles. I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Armie at the event.


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Armie & Elizabeth attended the The Trevor Project’s 2017 TrevorLIVE event in Los Angeles a couple of days ago to honor Tom Ford as a Trevor Project Hero at the annual event. I’ve updated the gallery with over 100 photos of Armie in the event.