Feature: Armie Hammer for British GQ

Written by Mouza on February 12 2019


The privilege of wealth and the impact of his family’s oil money on his film career are subjects that Armie Hammer addresses head on (and with the help of a Martini or two) in GQ’s March cover interview, out this week. On white privilege, Hammer admits that it would be wrong of him, and the industry as a whole, to sit back and pretend that the system hasn’t benefited some, while penalising others, simply because of differing backgrounds.

“There are white people who exercise their white privilege with or without knowing it and I would be foolish to sit here and say, ‘Well, that has nothing to do with my career.’ I can’t sit here and say that. But also, people must be aware of the work ethic it takes. I get it. Guys like me have got a lot from being guys like me. Even if white privilege does have anything to do with it, there is a lot of work I put into this.”

Hammer also goes into some depth for the first time about the choice he made not to rely on his family’s wealth. “It was a conversation I had with myself: you can be this person or you cannot. I would rather not. It wasn’t about cutting ties or bonds with my parents or anything like that. It was about strengthening myself.”

Although Hammer here apologises again for having a pop at those who genuinely had a long relationship with Lee, he also underlines the thing that truly bugs him about celebrity culture. “Let me be clear. I do not feel badly for the people that I offended who met Stan Lee once and were capitalising and masking self-promotion as false grief.”

Heaf put it to Hammer that, despite being in his early thirties, Hammer doesn’t seem to have a kinship with his fellow millennials. “I am a millennial. You’re right. I totally should. And I can’t say I am not a millennial, but I’m not a millennial. I don’t get it. It doesn’t resonate with me. I don’t know why millennials will go to a wedding and take a picture of themselves on the dance floor and then post it on social media and be like, ‘Congratulations to Sarah and Jeff, so happy for you guys!’ Just what the hell is that? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. [More at Source]

Feature: Armie Hammer for GQ Mexico!

Written by Mouza on March 05 2018


Nigel, un alcatraz neozelandés, fue el pájaro más solitario del mundo. Nigel, que fue desterrado por sus congéneres o quizá simplemente por la vida, cruel en más ocasiones de las que uno puede contar, llegó a la isla de Mana, en la costa de Wellington, y trató de anidar en una zona que los ecologistas,
luchadores incansables por intentar lo imposible, habían poblado de esculturas de alcatraces coloreadas, nidos de ramas y guano para intentar que las colonias de esas aves tan sociables volvieran a residir en la bahía. Nigel se enamoró de una de esas estatuas. De un imposible. Y allí murió, hace unas semanas, solo, a los pies de su inmóvil amada.

André Aciman, el autor de Call Me by Your Name, la novela en la que está basada la película que interpreta Armie Hammer, protagonista de nuestra portada de este mes, explicaba en
un texto las diferencias que existen entre concebir una historia para el papel y cómo ésta puede evolucionar en su transformación en escenas de una película. “Lo que yo hago es cincelar una estatua con sus detalles más finos y elusivos. Lo que hace un director de cine es hacer que la escultura se mueva”, explicaba. [Source]

Feature: Armie Hammer for GQ

Written by Mouza on November 15 2017

Armie was included in GQ Magazine’s Men of the Year issue. I’ve updated the gallery with digital scans and the shoot.


Photoshoots > 2017 > Set 039 
Digital Scans > 2017 GQ USA – December

Gallery Update: British GQ Style & OUT

Written by Mouza on September 29 2017

The promotional round for Call Me By Your Name have started already in the form of magazine features, we updated the gallery with 2 new digital scans of Armie in British GQ Style & Out Magazine. The magazines are available for purchase through the magazines digital apps and other digital outlets.


Digital Scans > 2017 British GQ Style
Digital Scans > 2017 Out Magazine

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