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Armie was on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week where he talked about his play and his process with learning lines for a role. Check out the photo and video coverage from his appearance.


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Straight White Men have officially opened as of July 23 to some amazing reviews.Tickets are on sale through closing through, make sure to buy your tickets before the show closes in September.

I’ve updated the gallery with all the Armie pictures released so far from the production. Check out the highlights video below then make sure to head to the gallery to check the photo coverage.


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Armie made an appearance yesterday on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he talked about Straight White Men and the ever lasting effect Call Me By Your Name will have on his career as he keeps being asked to sign peaches! Check out the photos and video coverage.


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Armie was on The Tonight show a last week to promote Sorry to Bother you. Check out the photos from the appearance below and make sure to check the video.


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I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Armie attending the 10th Annual BAMcinemaFest Opening Night Premiere of Sorry to Bother You in New York.


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I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Armie attending the photocall and press meet & greet from last week’s press event in New York for Straight White Men.


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I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Armie, Elizabeth and the kids attending the Hammer Museum K.A.M.P in Los Angeles a couple of days ago.


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