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HOMETOWN: Los Angeles.
BIG BREAK: The Social Network.
ROOM-SERVICE ORDER: “Four eggs over easy, bacon, sausage, O.J., coffee.”
WHAT I’M READING: The Patrick Melrose novels, by Edward St. Aubyn.
PODCAST I’M LISTENING TO: Waking Up, with neuroscientist Sam Harris.
HAPPY PLACE: “Next to my grill in my yard.”
THREE FAVORITE FILMS: Cool Hand Luke, Apocalypse Now, Fight Club.
IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME AND PLAY ANY CHARACTER, WHO WOULD IT BE? “I wouldn’t. I’d go back and invest in Starbucks, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.”
UP NEXT: The Sundance favorite Call Me by Your Name, the based-on-true-events thriller Hotel Mumbai, the Alberto Giacometti biopic, Final Portrait.

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OutBuzz have released 2 scenes of Armie’s Upcoming movie “Call Me By Your Name”, the movie looks great!